• Deborah Charles-Nelson

'Top Tips for Travelling with a Baby'

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

So, my favourite time of the year is upon us – the holiday season! And I figured as there may be a few mamas travelling with their little bubbas for the first time, why not share a few tips and tricks that I learnt and used? I hope these help!

1. Be well prepared; find out if you can have access to an air-cot. Email the hotel you are staying at and find out if there's a cot available.

2. Can you take your buggy up to the plane, or does it have to checked in beforehand?

If it's the latter, don't forget to bring a baby carrier with you, so that you can have two hands free. But usually the baby can be wheeled in their buggy all the way up until reaching the aircraft, where the loading crew will fold down the buggy and put it in the hold.

3. Try and secure an aisle seat too, so that when you need to get up and change your baby you can do so without disturbing nearby passengers (too much).

4. Try booking a flight that compliments your baby's routine; avoid any departure times that mess with their sleeping pattern!

5. To avoid baby's ears being affected by the change in altitude, try feeding your baby at take-off and landing.

6. Make sure you pack enough nappies, wipes and even a change of clothes – along with enough milk and bottles if your baby is not exclusively breastfed (you'll need to know in advance whether or not you are definitely allowed to bring baby formula through security at your airport, and you'll also need to check in a bag that is more or less filled with milk!).

7. Invest in a blackout blind. They are amazing! I purchased the SnoozeShade® from Amazon and it allows little baby to get a good rest in their buggy, without the sunlight affecting their sleep.

8. Take along all the bits and bobs that you find helps baby to sleep at home e.g. sound machine, favourite blanket, toys/teething toys etc. That way, baby doesn't feel too unsettled, and as a result, neither do you!

9. Don't forget to take along sunscreen that is suitable for use on babies. Make a list in advance of everything you want to pack for your baby.

10. Make use of the high quality cameras on smartphones (or bring along a good camera) and capture every beautiful moment, because they grow up so fast!

Sending you lots of holiday love and blessings!