• Deborah Charles-Nelson

'Our First Mother's Day'

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Wow, the title in itself makes me do a double take. Deborah. A mother?

I think, in many ways I have felt unworthy to be a mother, but in that same vein, so blessed that God chose me to be Ethan's mum in particular. A mum to a son who is resilient, charming, kind and absolutely knows what he wants (just try getting him to eat when he is not feeling that baby food lol).

My first Mother's Day was all I could ever ask for; it was spent with my family.

My husband Jason (along with Ethan) woke me up with breakfast in bed and a nice warm green tea – I know some of you may hate green tea, but it's an acquired taste for me! (lol).

I got my first Mother's Day card from my little Ethan, who wrote it with Daddy's help. Ethan tried to write his name, people! Ahhh I almost cried!

Hurriedly we got ready for church. Jason was an angel and fed and dressed Ethan, which was a long process might I add, as Ethan likes to take his sweet time to eat his food these days. We then met up with my sister and brother and all headed off to church together.

At church, we enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day sermon and the choir serenaded all the mums with an all-time favourite song of mine, “Isn't She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder, but with special Mother's Day lyrics.

It was perfect.

Our pastor then prayed for all the mothers and we were each handed a beautiful gift too.

After church, my husband treated us to a lovely lunch at Thai Square in Angel Islington with my mother-in-law, and Ethan had the best time chatting away with his Grandma. Ethan sat in a highchair next to her and had egg-fried rice for the first time – which he absolutely loved might I add! However, he did attempt on many occasions to eat the plates on the table (teething problems lol I'm sure my mamas can relate), but it was absolutely lovely and the food was so good. I had the Thai green chicken curry with jasmine rice and felt about 3 months pregnant again by the end of it!

Of course, we had to have another mini photo shoot with Ethan for 'the gram' lol. This pretty much consists of my husband singing to get Ethan to look at the camera, and me saying "Ethan look look there's daddy!"

We managed to get a few good ones in the end, so it was a success!

We then went home for a quick nap, and a few hours later we went back out to see my mum, so she could get her own mother's day gift from us: a 'glam-ma' keyring, a set of candles and a picture of her favourite grandson (she only has one anyway lol) and her in a cute photo frame.

Ethan I ended the night with daddy on the guitar, playing him his favourite song “Not Lucky, I'm Loved” by Jonathan McReynolds, while mummy and baby danced along in the living room. My hubby gave him a bath and put him to bed, and that was our very 1st Mother's Day!

As I laid my head down to sleep after a busy but beautiful day, I thought about all the unsung mothers: the 'aunties', the 'godmothers', the 'sisters' and the 'besties' that are always there to lend a helping hand. I appreciate you. And to all my mummies, my mum-to-be's and hopeful mamas we love and celebrate you today and always! (For yesterday.)

Simply Deborah