• Deborah Charles-Nelson

'Ethan's 1 Year Baby Update!'

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Ethan is babbling so much now, he really wants to talk to his dad and I. He started off saying “mama” but now he says “dadadaaa” all day long, even when his 'dada' isn't at home! It's fine – I got the first word, so I'll take that.

A week ago, he started taking a solid 5 steps on his own at a time, but still loved crawling super fast towards me whenever I'd leave the room. Now, he is practically running laps around our living room! Our little explorer is even comfortably climbing up on to the sofa with ease. He's so busy these days, it's impossible to get him to sit down! If I don't strap him in on his highchair, he will literally stand up mid-feed lol. He cruises around in his walker and loves it, but also quickly gets tired of it and is on to the next toy or book.

Ethan loves reading (and eating #teethingbabyproblems) his books. His favourites are the touch-and-feel books or the books that have pull-outs. Generally he just loves anything that has pages; whether magazines, birthday cards, menus or anything really, he'll turn the pages really quickly (that's super exciting for him) or scrunch it up and stumble around waving it in the air like a trophy!

What I love is that Ethan is such a smiley baby, always giving a cheeky grin to anyone walking by. The other day in Superdrug, we were held up because Ethan wouldn't stop smiling and the lovely elderly woman was love struck! He's very easy going and would generally observe when he's in a new environment – a lot like myself – but when he's comfortable, he's a wild one.

Ethan is wearing 12-18 month old clothes now, and he's a size 4 in his little baby shoes. He takes after his dad with his big feet and long legs! He's been quite clingy recently and he's being a lot more picky about who can hold him. More often now when he's held by someone other than his dad and sees me, he'll cry and reach out for me. I'm told it's a normal phase they'll grow out of; I just see it as proof that he feels safe with me, so I'll take that!

For me, motherhood over this past year has had its fair few challenges, but also some major triumphs. I feel so blessed to be a mother, and specifically Ethan's. He is perfect. He is beautiful and kind. He knows what he wants and goes out of his way to get it. He is everything I dreamt of.

Mummy loves you Ethan. Happy 1st birthday...