• Deborah Charles-Nelson

Affirmations Just For You Mama...

In a year that has put such a heavy weight on mental health. It's become more crucial than ever to shift our focus on the positives and keep our mind, body and soul in good spirits.

For me having the right mindset is everything! It literally effects my productivity, creativity and even how I parent. Okay let me explain...so I have the tendency to over analyse. I used to tell myself that it wasn't a negative trait, that it helped me to improve but what I found was that sometimes (well probably most times) I ended up picking myself apart which never really resulted in self improvement, it only ever left me feeling a little inadequate to tell you the truth. Because of this, positive affirmations have become a powerful tool in helping me to release that over analytical part of myself and helps me to set my mind right again. So with that said, here are a few affirmations that have really resonated with me on my postpartum journey and I hope these help you too! Pick a few (it doesn't have to be all 12) and repeat them daily or weekly and watch your mindset shift and your life align! 


1. I love being a mum. I am grateful for this gift of life. I will continue to spread love and light so my children can become great examples of love in this world.

2. I am beautiful even in the process of becoming. My motherhood journey is mine and worth celebrating! 

3. This week instead of that wasn't good enough, I should have done better. Tell yourself this is good for where I am at right now, I will improve as I grow and I've come a long way on this parenting journey.

4. Even though I'm tired, exhausted and drained I am still a good mum. The chaws can wait. Today I rest without guilt and focus on loving my child(ren) without pressure.

5. I will embrace rest today so that I can be fully present for my child(ren). 

6. If no one has told you; Mum you are doing a  good job. Absorb that. Take it in. Be proud of what you've accomplished today. 7. Today I focus on the positive. I know life isn't perfect but today I'm celebrating small wins. My kids are happy, healthy and thriving so it's a job well done for me! 8. My validation doesn't come from this title of 'mother' but from the Most High. Today I focus on what God says about me. Mama you are fearfully and wonderfully made. 9. I know what's best for my kids, I will trust my intuition and believe in my ability to mother them the way I see fit. 10. I am worthy. I am the mother my child needs. My experiences, both positive and negative will only fuel and further shape my ability to raise my child(ren) the right way. 11. I possess all that I need to raise my child the right way. 12. I let go of the mum guilt today and recognise that as long as I'm doing my best. That's enough. 


I believe in manifestation; that if you speak something and believe in it enough it will be. And affirmations work hand in hand with this. A conscious change in mindset from a negative pattern of thinking to a more positive one isn't going to be easy but trust me you'll begin to see a shift if you work at it.


Love and Light,

Simply Deborah