• Deborah Charles-Nelson

5 Toddler Buys We Can't Live Without!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

1. Mothercare® Amble Stroller Link: https://rstyle.me/+YhUMdNyt1Ys58ACZKd4RlA

Now that Ethan is 15 months old, he loves having a forward-facing stroller so he can see the world (I guess my face isn't exciting enough!). I love this stroller because it's super easy to fold down. Simply lift and press down on the pram in a forward motion, and it's done. It's also pretty compact, so it doesn't take up an excessive amount of space in the car boot. I mentioned previously that we were using the Doona® Car Seat Stroller (which I love and swear by!) But it didn't have a storage space below the buggy for groceries etc and I wasn't able to attach my nappy bag to the pram. But with this stroller I can do it all! Its function to recline is very straightforward; simply by loosening the buckle fastening behind the seat, and then pushing the seat up and tightening it to return it to upright position. That part can be a little bit of a task, but overall I would recommend this product.

2. Mothercare® Madrid Combination Car Seat Link: https://rstyle.me/+i-isC3eLr_u8XAEWy6AyOQ

This car seat has been pretty good, especially for the price; definitely value for money! Reduced from £100 to £50. It's suitable from birth to approximately 4 years old (depending on the weight of your child) as it has both a rear-facing and forward-facing function. It also has extra safety padding that can be removed once your child gets older and no longer requires it. Because it's secured using the car seat belt, it is suitable for most cars, and my husband said he found it pretty easy to install too! The only thing I've found is that because Ethan is only 15 months old, when he falls asleep he slouches and then his head moves out of position from the headrest, so what we've done is just folded a blanket underneath him to prop him up and then he stays in position! #mumtips

Overall, it's served us well so far, it's safe, and Ethan loves getting in it, so it's definitely a good buy!

3. Joie® Mimzy Snacker Highchair Link: https://rstyle.me/+SWM1H6fREQuWAteJg-T_7w

I love, love, LOVE this! The design is so cute and it's really grown with Ethan. We've been using this highchair ever since he could sit up unaided, which was at around 6 months old. He had his first Christmas dinner in that chair! The seat's fabric is comfortable, but also easy to wipe clean (although you do sometimes have to remove the cover fully to get all the crumbs out). It's really easy to fold down with just one hand (although we never do tbh) and it has a 3 point recline seat, which we used a lot when Ethan was younger and would need help to tilt his head back and drink. It was good when he'd fall asleep after eating and it would easily recline back far enough into sleeping position. It has an adjustable tray with a cup holder built in and also a storage basket which we used for some of his soft toys he liked to keep in the living room area. I honestly just love this product and could not recommend it enough!

4. Tommee Tippee® Essentials First Cup Link: https://rstyle.me/+zw4JxUKTsaZFpwd3tx7taA

This beaker is Ethan's favourite. It's a free-flow cup and has a flip down, leak-proof mouthpiece (which makes it good to pop in your nappy bag whilst on the go). It's suitable for the microwave and steriliser, and has two graduation lines on the side of the cup to accurately measure out juice-to-water proportions recommended for healthy teeth development.

5. Touchy-Feely Books Ethan's Favourites: 'That's Not My Chick' & 'That's Not My Lion' Link: https://rstyle.me/+4OjoX9sxHEW--l2qEI5ENQ

Ethan loves these books and they're great because they are hardback and easy to wipe clean (if your little one has grabbed them with sticky fingers). They're so good because they get your kid really interacting with both you and the book. He loves flipping the pages, especially when he gets to his favourite page where he scratches the rough velcro texture and it makes lots of noise. It's such a priceless moment!