• Deborah Charles-Nelson


I created an instagram video a couple weeks back showing you my go to outfits for running errands and doing all the things that mums do (which I've linked below) but I thought it'll be helpful to write it up in a blog post to explain how I put my outfits together (which is super duper simple btw!). So my main thing is 'COMFORT' but I have to look good too! Being a mum does not mean you have to say no to the latest fashion trends etc. it just means the trends you tend to go with have to be 'PRACTICAL'.


The Lounge Wear Set

The Lounge Wear Set: Now this has been my absolute favourite for about a year now and they just keep getting better! There's so many styles you can go for: the regular jumper and wide leg trousers set (which is my personal favourite) or if you want to switch it up you can go for a midi skirt and jumper set instead. I am currently obsessed with a co-ord set because it just makes getting ready so simple! You don't have to think “which top goes with those jeans?” it just takes the thought process out of the whole thing and to be honest (and all my fellow mamas can relate) you have enough on your 'to do list' than to spend and extra 10 mins thinking about what to wear. To the lounge wear set it definitely a 'must-have'!

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MUM-DAY FIT 2 The Midi Dress

The Midi Dress: Okay, I know we all have a midi dress in our wardrobe and even before having my son I loved a midi dress. For me personally I usually go for a long sleeved option as my arms aren't one of my favourite assets and I usually pair it with a faux leather jacket and some trainers or boots for comfortability and to add a bit of fashion to the whole look. For those days where I'm running after my 16 month old a modest 'all-in-one' outfit it just makes life a lot easier lol. LINK:



MUM-DAY FIT 3 The Straight Leg Jeans

The Straight Leg Jeans: Now this is a staple piece for any woman's wardrobe and they are perfect for a casual yet trendy look. The key is to find denim that has a little stretch in them and of course a high-waist option to have you looking 'snatched!'. I prefer a dark wash as it more slimming to me and I pair these with a t-shirt and trainers for a casual look or a black roll-neck and boots for a smarter finish.

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Oversized Jumper and SkinnyJeans/Leggings

Oversized Jumper and Skinny Jeans/Leggings: So going oversized is perfect when you are feeling a little self-conscious of the mum-tum or it's that time of the month and the bloating is real! I usually go for an oversized jumper or half-zip sweater with legging or super duper stretchy jeans (which are as good as leggings if you as me) and I'm good to go! The key to rocking an oversized piece, is styling it with a more-form fitting piece to give balance to the outfit to avoid looking swamped in two oversized pieces.

[Tip: shop the men's section to find an oversized look for usually a fraction of the price!]

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